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February 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

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January 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

S.Luxury 23.1

Hello friends,
we hope your 2011 started brightly.
We have decided to feature a formal apparel just to wish you all a fabulous New Year.
This time we spend few words about the style.
As many of you stated, SL offers a large variety of formals but most of time they are banal, ‘noobish’ or excessively mawkish.
It has been barely difficult to find new releases that follow our personal tastes but fortunately Gabriel and Miamai helped us with their creations, elegant and nice, not overwhelming of prims with terrible transparency.
Same issue with men formal shoes: there aren’t many new releases around but Redgrave has quite new one out, luckily.
A last word about men skins.
We all know the famous brands and their great work. We try to find also new creators to help them to come out of the shade. This time we spotted Filthy with their men skin. They need to improve the work with the details and we strongly recommend to try the demo before to buy (hands texture really need to be fixed) but it’s not bad in general.
That’s all!
Thank you for reading us and again Happy New Year from Sluxury.

S.Luxury 23.2

S.Luxury 23.3

Style details here.

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